Geier Gloves 448 Elkskin Leather Heavyweight Work Gloves (Made in USA)


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Rowland H
Best at any price

It is great to be able to find a great pair of gloves at a reasonable price. These are way better in feel, fit, finish and looks than any hardware store leather gloves. Very thick but pliable, soft and smooth. They are also rather warm. The color of my pair is much lighter than the yellow on the picture, which could be better for some. They have the feel of a more luxurious glove. Overall a great find and buy. Plus great service.

Thank You RH....
These are one of the most popular of the Geiers.
I 'try' to keep them in stock year round.
They sell like 'pancakes' get sold out at times.
But always more inbound...!!!

448 in USA
NorthWest USA

Hi Kevin,
The gloves arrived and the fit and feel is remarkable. The best quality gloves I've ever had. It almost seems a shame to use them for work. When the weather turns cold this fall I'll buy another pair to keep in nice shape and wear for non-work situations.
Geier gloves should be world famous and sold at Macy's for $100 a pair. They're that good.
Thanks much for your promptness and your great customer service. I'll be ordering that other pair come this fall.

Best working gloves made

I've owned a couple dozen of these gloves over the years and it's hard to remember the last time I used any other kind of glove. I work and train my own 7 horses. I use them primarily for hay because they block out most if not all the hay with the wrist snap. These last 3-5 times as long any other quality glove I've owned. You get what you pay for with gloves and the value here is better than you can imagine because of the durabilty, flexibility and fit of this glove.

Happy Customer
only in Texas....

great customer service, and great quality gloves... the website easy to use, and great selection... if its not here, its not anywhere... thank you Kevin!

Outstanding value on hard wearing gloves!

I decided to buy these Geier elkskin gloves on the recommendation of a friend. I have been having bad luck with gloves having blowouts and generally not lasting. He’s been using the same pair of Geier gloves for years with no issues. I am glad that I followed his advice; these are the best gloves that I have ever found for motorcycling. These gloves are tough, supple and comfortable to wear on long rides.

Additionally the customer service that I have gotten from Texas Good Gloves and Products is outstanding. They had the best price, lowest shipping and outstanding communication. I recommend them to anyone looking for top quality products with fair prices and top notch service, need I say more?