Geier Gloves 748 Genuine American Bison Leather Heavyweight Work Gloves (Made in USA)


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Great Customer Service

I bought a pair of these for my brother in law a couple years ago and have been jealous of them ever since. I finally got myself a pair and can’t wait. But I just wanted to say that Kevin has the best customer service of any internet business I’ve dealt with and is just a pleasure to talk to. Looking forward to my new gloves!

D.G. // Thank You...!!!

Jason S.
Best Gloves On The Market

These are my first Geier’s and they for sure won’t be my last. The bison leather is thick but plenty supple. They feel like they’ll last a long time (even with hard use).
Kevin is a stand up guy…an absolute gentleman and a scholar. TGG has a customer for life. Get these gloves. You won’t regret it.

Thank You J.S. ...!!!

Saves money in the long run

After wearing through pairs of other leather gloves commonly sold in home improvement stores within weeks or months, I decided to spend a little more on these Geier gloves with the hope they’d last me longer and end up saving some money over time. They’ve met those expectations. The leather tips on a couple of the fingers of my dominant hand have split open but not enough for it to be any kind of problem. Otherwise it seems like they’re still almost breaking in after a year or so of hard work on my property, and continue to form better and better to my hands without any stitching coming undone, tears along the seams, etc. Only negative I can see is that they bleed and turn my hands orange when breaking a sweat or working in the damp. It happens less the older they get though, and it’s a small price to pay. Texas Good Gloves sold them at a competitive price, and I received them quickly in the mail a handful of states away.

Thank You James...!!!

Fantastic gloves & customer service

I ordered these gloves as a birthday gift for my fiancé after reading the great reviews of the gloves themselves and the customer service.

The gloves are a hit! Kevin's knowledge of his products is fantastic and he went the extra mile providing updates the whole way through the ordering process.

I highly recommend Texas Good Gloves and I'm sure we'll be ordering again.

Thank You AR...!!!
Any problems or ??'s....just holler back.

Best gloves and customer service around. Period.

I ordered a pair of 448s after reading really good reviews about them online. Kevin called prior to shipping them, then recommended the 748 after talking with me a bit about what I needed. He included a very nice pair of cowhide gloves to (much more than) make up the pricing difference. The gloves just arrived, both pairs are worlds better than any I have ever seen in a brick and mortar store. But the 748s are absolutely incredible, there is no other way to describe them. Thick, soft, and comfortable is an understatement. They're so nice I hate to use them for their intended purpose (fencing), but their quality would be wasted otherwise.

I cannot say enough about how good Kevin's customer service is, he is truly a gentleman that knows his products. And the gloves are simply amazing. If only all businesses were run this way. I will definitely be back to order more for myself and some for the wife as well.

Thank You so much Eric....glad we were able to talk....and you understanding the inventory 'challenges'....holler back anytime...!!!