Nite Ize Gear 24" Twist Tie

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~~ Nite Ize Gear 24" Twist Tie ~~
~ 2 pack
~ Bright Orange
~ Twist it....Tie it....Reuse it
~ Created to use time and time and time again....!!!
~ Tough rubber shell around strong internal wire....protects and keeps your possessions under control
~ uses

With its strong, bendable wire interior and sturdy rubber exterior, the Nite Ize Gear Tie is perfect size for bundling, connecting, and organizing everything from workshop tools to children's toys. With a simple wrap-and-twist motion, it keeps appliance wires, cables and cords tangle-free, organizes tools, art supplies, and sporting equipment, binds and neatens kitchen gadgets, craft supplies, toys, and more. Reusable....water-proof.