Geier Gloves 230ES Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves (Made in USA)

Buy Geier Gloves 230ES American Made In USA Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves


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Geier Gloves Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves 230ES

  • Geier Glove Company....Centralia, WA....established in 1927
  • Driving style glove with reinforced palm patch and elastic at wrist back, from tannery run light/medium weight Deerskin
  • colors available....Black, Brown, Natural, Saddle, Red....[picture displays Natural on left....Saddle on right]
  • one of most chosen plain leather Deerskin Geier models
  • leisure, driving, sports, motorsports, hunting, ranching, farming, equestrian
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