Geier Gloves 204ES LDW Merino Wool Lined Deerskin Driving Gloves (Made in USA)


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Best gloves. Even better service.

What can I say about the gloves that you probably already don't know shopping for them. They're fantastic, the deerskin and merino's a great combination giving you dexterity, along with enough warmth. I live and work in New England and these gloves provide just what I need 99% of the time through our rough winters.

But the real gem here, is Texas Good Gloves. You won't often find customer service as outstanding as theirs, so if you're looking for gloves, and found yourself here. Don't bother shopping around. You've now found the best place to buy them from the best people that sell them.

Thank You Nick...!!! That LDW is pretty well considered the 'Cadillac' of the winter style gloves. Very pleased to help you and all...!!!


Worth the 5 month waiting list !

Michigan Buyer
Size To Order

My advice from years of using these Geier Merino Wool Gloves.
I order a size and a half larger. If you've never tried them before that might sound like strange advice but I know how they fit and how great they are.
If you have used them before then you already know what you like, just like me.

Thank You MI Buyer.
That is sound advice. And I do exchanges if needed.

SB in IL
Geiers Merino Wool

"Looking forward to wearing them this winter up here!! I think Geier has a great product".

BKS Vermont
LDW's in Vermont

Texas Good Gloves provides first rate service AND products. The Geier gloves are truly exceptional. Made in the USA, (Washington state) they are affordable, comfortable, long wearing, available in a wide range of sizes and exceptionally well made. The Merino wool lined deerskin gloves are my everyday cold weather gloves for driving and general wear. The heavy weight elkskin gloves are my work gloves (farm and orchard work in Vermont) I am so pleased to have found an alternative to poorly made, ill-fitting gloves that wear out in less than one season. Treat yourself to the best - your hands will say thank you. Thanks, BKS Vermont